Item 4--- Be a lifelong learner


Dear all,

Somebody just told me, seems a little difficult, so I will accept proposal from now on, sharing a good article about "To be a lifelong learner" with you now.


What you have learned is the one thing that can never be taken away. If you are a lifelong learner you will amass a great treasure of knowledge and keep your mind forever active and young.


"Be a lifelong learner "


Learning doesn't finish when you leave school;

Learning can become a way of life which helps you to achieve your greatest potential;

We never stop learning, there is always something new and interesting to discover;

Learning new skills can be a bit scary but we all need to do this each time we reach  a personal learning plateau;

Cross the plateau by actively seeking support and advice,

Take up some training, further education, night classes, any new interest which will help you to develop your strengths.

Keep looking and listening and keep your brain active, you are never too old to learn.


Best regards
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Okay, I will accept your suggestion from now on.


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答复: Item 3--- Night, Night! It's Bedtime for Business Class (chinese script)


yes, good way to add chinese script, but personally i think the third article with so many unfamiliar words is so difficult for someone whose vocabulary is too poor like me. it isn't good for beginner to read this kind of article, we should read easier ones, actually i like the first article that you sent, which is very refined and elegant, so strongly propose some slightly eaiser articles or humorous novels or funny skits to us, thanks very much,anyway, very glad to have an english pen-teacher like you  




Dear all good friends,


 Good Noon, glad to receive many friends' e-mail or MSN say "Thanks" in recently. And please feel free to contact me if want to chatting or talking in English with me if may.



Here is the 3rd sharing about "Night, Night! It's Bedtime for Business Class", please kindly refer to it.


Recent airline ads show us a future of total relaxation recline

 while you fly. But, airline ads are a bit like a newspaper's personals section: they tend to accentuate the positive. While the vast majority of customers fly economy class, most airline ads focus on services offered in the front of the plane. There are two reasons for this. The first is what marketing people call the halo effect. Economy passengers, who will never experience the joys of airborne beds, want to feel some of the excitement and share in the dream. The other reason is less subtle: airlines compete desperately to attract and keep the igh yield passengers those business and first-class customers because they generate up to eight times more revenue than the folks in the cheap seats.

Another reason airlines are investing heavily to raise standards in business and first class is to overcome the growing reluctance of many corporations to pay the cost of a business or first-class ticket. It's tough to persuade corporate travel managers to spend $4,800 for an employee's roundtrip business-class ticket from Hong Kong to London on Cathay Pacific, British Airways or Virgin Atlantic compared with approximately $1,000 for an equivalent economy-class ticket. To justify the spending, airlines are trying to show real value. The most dramatic attempt is British Airways decision to install beds in business class. By this autumn, BA hopes to have fully reclining seats operational on most routes. The airline is investing $950 million on a makeover of its entire fleet that will also include the introduction of a fourth class. Situated between economy and business, this new zone, with only five rows, will provide wider seats and 17 cm of extra legroom. Not to be outdone, arch-rival Virgin is unveiling its J2000 a seat that converts into a bed in its business-class section. The seats are likely to be introduced on Virgin's Asian flights next year.

It isn't certain, however, that others will follow the trend. Some airlines worry that offering a bed in business moves too close to the territory of first class where the biggest profit margins lie. "It's a fine line you have to ride, balancing cost and comfort," says Robert Cutler, Cathay Pacific's director of service delivery. With Cathay's business class not due for a revamp until 2001, Cutler says his firm is in no hurry to jump in. One thing he does know is that there are no plans to install beds in economy class. So for most passengers, taking air travel lying down will remain a seen-on-TV thrill only.



近一些航空公司在其广告中表示,未来飞行中乘客将有 会彻底舒展四肢。不过,这些广告就像报纸的征婚启事一样,总是只强调点。在大多数旅客乘坐经济舱的情况下,这些航空公司却只强调改善非经济舱的服务。这样做主要是出于两个考虑。第一是市场推广人员所说的"光环"效应。那些经济舱的旅客虽然不能在空中享受到床的温馨,但却希望感受那一份喜悦和兴奋,分享一丝入梦时的恬谧。另一个理由到没有那么神秘。航空公司竭尽全力想吸引并留住那些"高收益"客户,即公务舱和头等舱的乘客,因为从他们那里获得的收益可达经济舱的八倍甚至更多。

航空公司拼命改良公务舱和头等舱的服务有另一个原因:很多公司越来越不愿意支付公务舱和头等舱票的 格。要说服公司里主管旅行事务的经理为其员工支付 4,800 美元购买香港至伦敦(无论是国泰、英航或维珍航空公司)的往返 票实在不容易,因为同样的一张经济舱票只需 1,000 美元。于是,各航空公司都努力要让客户觉得物有所值。最富戏剧性的尝试当属英国航空公司作出的关于在公务舱安装床铺的决定了。英航希望于今年秋季之前在其大多数航班上安置平躺式座椅。该公司投资 9.5 亿美元对其所有飞机进行改造,其中包括设立第四个客舱。新客舱位于经济舱公务舱之间,只设五排座位,座位宽度有所增加,腿部空间增加了 17 厘米。英航的主要竞争对手维珍航空公司也不甘落后,推出了 J2000 型座椅。这 座椅可调整为床铺样式,也将安装在其公务舱内。明年,维珍的亚洲航线有望安装这座椅。

不过,其他航空公司是否加入它们的行列还很难说。一些航空公司担心经过改造后的公务舱头等舱过于接近,有可能影响利润最高的头等舱的收益。国泰航空公司航空服务董事邝乐彬说:"你必须把握好 程度之间的平衡。"邝乐彬称其公司将不不急跟风,国泰不会在 2001 年前对其公务舱进行改造。 他了解,国泰至少没有在经济舱安装床铺的计划。因此对于大多数乘客而言,躺躺坐飞只是从电视里才能得到的享受。



Phrase and notes:

to recline: (v.) to lie back, to lean or incline backwards/ 躺下

personals: (n.) descriptive announcements in a newspaper placed by persons who seek to meet others for romance or marriage / 征友、征婚启事

to accentuate: (v.) to emphasize, feature, or highlight/ 强调

halo: (n.) a circle of light around a holy person's head in a religious painting / 光环

airborne: (adj.) POETIC carried on air /(诗歌)在空中

subtle: (adj.) elusive, suggestive, delicate; also perceptive, refined, artful, crafty / 难以捉摸的;隐晦的;微妙的;敏锐的;精妙的;灵巧的

reluctance: (n.) unwillingness, hesitation / 不愿意,勉强

to persuade: (v.) to influence or convince by argument, appeal, or by demonstration to a particular position of belief / 说服

to install: (v.) to build in, connect, to set up for use or service / 安装

trend: (n.) a current style or preference, a line of development / 趋势

to revamp: (v.) to revise, correct, rennovate, to make over / 修补


Best regards
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Subject: Item2:What You Need Is More Vacation~


Dear all

  Here is another simple but useful article, share with you~

What You Need Is More Vacation!

Recent studies indicate Americans are working more and enjoying it less. Between 1995 and 1999, the number of people calling in sick because of stress more than tripled. I've got a lot of clients coming to me from Silicon Valley, says Pam Ammondson, 45, who runs a Santa Rosa, California, workshop to counsel overworked burnout victims. "It's dream to make a million dollars overnight. But these people are not happy, their relationships are miserable, and they're taking a step back to ask what it's all about."

One man, however, is working overtime to get the American worker more vacation time. Joe Robinson, 49, of Santa Monica, Calif., an adventure-travel magazine editor, has been on talk shows nationwide pitching a law that would guarantee three weeks of vacation to anyone who works at a job for a year and four weeks of vacation after three years. On his website Escapemag.com, Robinson rants, "We're the most vacation-starved country in the industrialized world." His petition has gathered 20,000 signatures. "Small-business employees get an average of eight days of vacation each, while Europeans and Australians receive four to six weeks' paid leave", says Robinson. "In total hours, we now work two months longer each year than the Germans." Anyone who travels has noticed that whether you go to Palm Springs or Timbuktu, the French and Italians are already there. You could parachute onto an ice floe in the Arctic Ocean and find 200 Germans lounging around talking about where to go next.

Just how productive is the U.S. short-vacation approach? "Half of all Americans report some kind of stress, and 63% say they'd rather have more time off than more money," says Robinson. Some businesses are beginning to consider "work-life balance". It has dawned on them that working you to death may hurt their profits.

"It costs us 150% of an annual salary to replace an employee in terms of retraining a new person plus the turbulence it causes in a unit and the impact on our clients," says Denny Marcel, associate director of the burnout-prevention unit at Ernst & Young.

Robinson knows we'll see chimps back in orbit before we see a federal mandate for vacation time. But he hopes employers will begin to consider the realities of burnout. So before you see how far you can get this summer on your short vacation leash, take a trip to Escapemag.com and sign a petition. Provence, Tuscany, the Greek isles -- your employer owes you nothing less. Workers of the world, unite!

è Script

近有调查报告显示,美国人的工作时间越来越长,而休假的时间却越来越短。1995 1999 年间,美国请病假的人增长了两倍多。45 岁的帕姆.安蒙森说:"我的客户中有很多来自硅谷。"他在加州圣罗沙主持一个讲习班,专为不堪工作重负的人们减轻压力。他说:"一夜之间成为百万富翁是许多人梦寐以求的事,但是真正的百万富翁并不快乐。他们的人际关系一塌糊涂。他们已经开始重新考虑这一切了。"

不过,有一个人为他人争取更多休假时间而超时工作。加州圣莫尼卡的乔.鲁宾逊今年 49 岁,是一位旅游探险杂志的编辑。在全国各地的访谈节目中,他提出要求立法以保证美国人每工作一年有叁个星期的假期,每工作叁年有四星期的假期。在他的站 Escapemag.com 上,鲁宾逊疾呼:"我们是发达世界里休假最少的人群。"他的请愿书上已经征集了 20,000 个签名。他说:"小型企业雇员平均每年有八天的假期,可是欧洲人和澳大利亚人每年却有四到六周的带薪假期。以小时数计,我们每年比德国人多工作两个月。"出外旅行的人会发现,无论你去棕榈泉或者廷巴克图,法国人和意大利人已经到那里了。要是你能降落在北冰洋的一块浮冰上,一定会发现至少有 200 个德国人在冰上闲逛,商量下一步该去哪儿。

这短期休假究竟对美国人有什么好处呢?鲁宾逊说:"近一半的美国人反映生活过于紧张,63% 的人 可少赚点钱以换取更多的休息时间。"有一些企业开始注意到工作 生活之间的平衡。雇主们意识到雇员过度工作反而会影响利润。

安杨会计师事务所减轻员工工作压力的专门小组副主管丹尼.马塞说:"为了更换一名员工,我们需要支付大约 150% 的年薪,用来培训新员工,弥补因此引起的单位内部的不稳定和对客户的影响。"

在鲁宾逊看来,除非联邦政府颁布有关假期的法令,否则一切将照旧运作。不过,他希望雇主们能够考虑解决员工超负荷工作问题。不管今年夏天你准备怎样利用短短的假期,请先访问一下 Escapemag.com,在请愿书上签个名。普罗旺斯、托斯卡纳、希 的岛屿你的老板实在欠你太多。全世界的工人们,团结起来!



to call in sick: (v. phrase) to telephone one's employer to report illness that will require absence / 向雇主请病假

stress: (v.) pressure, tension, anxiety / 压力

burnout: (n.) a condition of being worn out or exhausted by excessive use, or by too much work / 工作过劳而耗尽精力

miserable: (adj.) extreme discomfort or unhappiness, inadequate / 痛苦的,悲惨的

talk show: (n.) a TV or radio program featuring an interesting guest to whom listeners can ask questions / 电视或电台的访谈节目

to pitch: (v.) to throw a ball with great force, especially throwing a baseball to a batter; also, to offer or propose a new idea / 大力掷球,尤指打捧球时向击球员掷球;提出新的观点

to rant: (v.) to talk in a noisy, excited, and usually scolding manner / 大声地说

petition: (n.) appeal, a formal written request or document signed by a number of people / 请愿书,由多人签名提出的正式要求

to dawn on: (phrasal v.) to realize, perceive or understand for the first time / 意识到,首次了解到

to retrain: (v.) teaching or instructing someone again or anew / 重新教育

turbulence: (n.) disturbance, agitation, unrest, wild commotion / 动荡

unit: (n.) a group, especially in a larger organization such as a corporation or army /单位,尤指公司或军队中的单位

mandate: (n.) a formal order, ruling, or command; an authorization to act accordingly / 命令,指示,授权

leash: (n.) something used to tie or restrain an animal / 束缚

Any questions, please feel free to contact me, welcome to share or talking with me something in English by MSN or E-mail.


Best regards
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Subject: Item 1:英文�料,�您共享----


Dear all,

Good afternoon

As someone sometimes asked me how to study English and to be a better life this afternoon.

  I'll share you some good articles to you, please forgive me if have any handwriting mistakes, because all letters input by myself, most importantly, from my heart instead of copy books

  At first I want to say these passages can not only boost your English. They can reshape your life!

The inspirational and wise words they contain can increase your vocabulary and motivate you to improve every area of your life. You can find power when you recite these passages. It's hard not to become a better person with a more positive attitude when you are reciting beautiful and inspirational words. So, get busy, shake off your worries and negative thoughts, and set foot on the road to a brand-new you. These passages will train your tongue muscles and your mind to create a small miracle if you keep your brain active and looking.


The first one is "Hold Fast your dreams"

If your dream is to speak beautiful English, persist in trying until it becomes a reality, never lose sight of your dreams.

Don't give up because you meet frustration or feel too busy in your daily life. As you know, the trait most successful people   have in common is the ability to hold onto their dreams under any circumstances.


And we all have dreams.

We all want to believe deep down in our souls that we have a special gift,that we can make a difference, that we can touch others in a special way, and that we can make the world a better place.


At one time in our lives, we all had a vision for the quality of life that we desire and deserve.

Yet, for many of us, those dreams have become so shrouded in the frustration and routines of daily life that we no longer even make an effort to accomplish them.

 For far too many , the dream have dissipated ,and with it, so has the will to shape our destinies.


Many have lost that sense of certainty that creats the winner's edge.( edge: an advantage; a margin of superiority)


What we should do is to restore the dream and to make it real, to get each of us to remember and use the unlimited power that lies sleeping within us all.

Please hold fast to the dreams and never say die.

OK, that's all for "Dreams", let's call it a day.   

  Any suggestion, please feel free to tell me.


Best regards
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